Samantha Reaman

Samantha is a Reiki Master and Life Coach. Samantha offers several services including Relaxation Massage and spa services, Reiki, and Life Coaching.  She has been providing healing and coaching services to Durham from 2017. Samantha studied Criminology and Psychology at Ontario Tech University. During her studies at UOIT, she became very passionate about mental health and discovered how connected our mental health is to our physical body. After graduating, Samantha started working in the corporate world but was always drawn to the healing and metaphysical world. After attending different healing workshops including Reiki and Relaxation massage; Samantha finished the Reiki Master course opening her own healing practice in 2017.

Samantha offers several services including Relaxation Massage and spa services, Reiki, and Life Coaching. 

Samantha helps clients work through daily stressors using natural and alternative relaxation techniques. Recharge and be pampered with a full body relaxation massage or enjoy a Reiki healing session to rebalance a align your chakras. In a reiki treatment Samantha will place crystals and her hands over the clients’ chakras (energy centers) and transfer healing energy to balance the different chakras. During a session, Samantha will focus her energy on the chakras rebalancing them using ancient practices. Clients feel calm and light after a reiki session. Reiki works through different layers, and it is recommended to complete a few sessions to achieve optimal results.


Samantha also offers virtual coaching services covering the areas of life /health and career coaching. Programs range from 1 – 2 months with weekly support including a weekly, 1:1 60-minute check / coaching session, weekly assignments and goals, access to Samantha via email, and a copy of my Motivation Mindset Workbook. Samantha’s coaching programs are designed to teach clients the techniques that helped her believe in herself and take the control back to live a more peaceful life focused on gratitude and positivity. Samantha helps people dealing changes and constant setbacks. Samantha’s clients walk away from her program with the tools to embrace change and gain a new appreciation of life as they implement daily gratitude and positivity into their life.

Samantha’s hours:

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