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How Oshawa Physiotherapy can Help Save Canada’s Passion for Sports

To say that hockey is popular in Canada is an understatement as it is more than a sport; it’s a national passion. Unfortunately, that passion is in danger of being extinguished as a growing number of parents forbid their kids to join the minor leagues for fear of serious injury. According to The Globe and Mail, the upcoming 2014-2015 season is short by at least 5,600 hockey players. Head concussions are the most feared injuries not only because they lead to brain damage but also because they’re very difficult to detect:

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Relaxing Massage in Oshawa: Good for Soon-to-be Moms and Their Babies

It’s a well-known fact that exercise benefits both moms-to-be and their unborn children, but some women are still apprehensive about it all because of the purported “health risks”. To set the record straight once and for all, prenatal lifestyle expert Amy Griffith presents eight safe and healthy fitness tips for expecting mothers. In her article for The Marietta Daily Journal, Griffith recommends prenatal massage for the following reasons:

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Oshawa Massage Therapy Isn’t Just for Adults Suffering from Arthritis

Arthritis is normally associated with aging. However, a Burlington Post article about 10-year-old Cynthia Houghton from Burlington, Ontario proves that the ailment can strike anyone. Her mother believes that Cynthia developed arthritis when she was a baby. In spite of her condition, the girl became an ambassador for The Arthritis Society in Canada in the hopes of spreading awareness of this rare, but debilitating ailment among parents and children alike:

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The Union of Oshawa Physiotherapy Treatments and Chiropractic Remedies

An article on the Horse Channel website dated November 20, 2013 discusses the issue of crooked riding positions among equestrians, and how a group of researchers attempted to find a solution. The article suggests that a little physiotherapy could be the answer to correct the body form of equestrians:

Crooked RidersUsing a group of experienced riders, the researchers recorded their seated postural stability by measuring the symmetry (or lack thereof) of force distribution as they sat in a saddle. The riders were divided into two groups, and one of the group was treated with a physiotherapy intervention for the pelvic area. Physiotherapy may consist of specific exercises, soft tissue manipulation (such as massage), stretching or other treatments. All of the riders from both groups were then retested.

The group that received the physiotherapy intervention showed significant improvement in symmetry, suggesting that the treatment was effective. However, the study did not measure whether the effect was temporary or long-term. For riders who struggle with a crooked posture in the saddle, physiotherapy could be one method to help improve their seat, thereby improving communication with their horse.

Physiotherapists are concerned with restoring the physical capacity of their patients, in the same way chiropractors deal with musculoskeletal disorders. Many believe that both fields contrast each other, they actually agree on a lot of procedures and they can be used interchangeably to treat a patient. Hence, those undergoing Oshawa physiotherapy treatments should try pairing it with chiropractic therapy for enhanced results. Many patients have realized they can even use chiropractic as a supplement to physiotherapy as many chiropractors have practices that provide extensive physical rehabilitation programs.

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