Adrian Regier, 33 of Nebraska, loved football so much he played for his high school. Then, in 1997, one simple blow to the head changed everything for him.


Regier suffered from a mysterious condition known as second-impact syndrome (SIS). It’s easy to get a concussion from a sport that tackles and pins players down like football. Today, the avid player is bound to a wheelchair, requiring round-the-clock medical attention provided by his parents.

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First identified in 1984, SIS starts with concussion symptoms following an injury. If the person takes a second hit to the head while the symptoms are still active, effects may include herniation and cerebral swelling. Football players are at risk of SIS, based on data collected and assessed by the North Carolina-based National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research.

The effects of SIS are reported to occur only after a second concussive event which provides an obvious window for treatment. For that reason SIS prevention starts with dealing with the concussion. Contrary to popular belief, a concussion doesn’t necessarily mean losing consciousness. In fact, concussion management guidelines state that most cases happen without “blacking out.”

Symptoms of a concussion like headache, dizziness, nausea, light and noise sensitivity can manifest even days or weeks following the head injury. If there is any chance of a suspected concussive injury the athlete should be removed from play and properly assessed by a certified concussion management health care practitioner. The doctors at CWR Health Clinic are certified to provide the Shift Concussion Management Program.

In addition to a doctor supervised concussion management treatment plan other modalities can also assist. In fact, Oshawa massage therapy, namely craniosacral therapy, has been found to be highly effective in dealing with concussion and post-concussion symptoms. The therapy focuses on releasing the tension from connective tissues around the cranium. By relieving the tension, cerebrospinal fluid can freely flow around the central nervous system, facilitating healing.

In addition to craniosacral therapy provided by our Oshawa massage therapists. The clinic's doctors will provide a specific and individual rehabilitative management plan for the injured athlete. If a baseline concussion test was administered we will use the pre injury data to return the athlete to play when their brain is healed. If you are not sure what a baseline concussion test is call us now.

Written by Dr. Kris Edwards and Dr. Patricia Riley

(Article information from “If concussions aren’t healed, new blow can be crippling,” Omaha World-Herald, October 28, 2013)




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