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Oshawa Acupuncture and Chiropractic Clinic Now Distributes Isagenix

Oshawa, Ontario (June 16, 2014) – Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation, which offers chiropractic services and acupuncture to Oshawa residents, is now an official distributor of the trusted Isagenix weight loss products. According to the company, the products are an ideal complement to their non-invasive approach of helping clients lose weight.


Isagenix is one of the fastest growing companies in North America and is at the cutting edge of nutritional and weight loss science. All their products are created by a team of highly skilled experts, which include organic chemists, microbiologists, food scientists, dietitians and nutritionists, among many others.

The weight loss products aim to rid the body of impurities while replacing them with vital nutrients and natural ingredients that stimulate weight loss. Many clients who use Isagenix experience a boost in energy levels, reduced food cravings, healthier digestion, improved muscle tone, and continued loss of weight. As more and more people understand the importance of proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight, Isagenix products provide a simple lifestyle change that will help them achieve their health goals.

Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation offers a wide range of these healthful and effective products to clients, including the popular Isagenix 30-Day System and the 9-Day Deep Cleansing and Fat Burning System. In conjunction with the nutritional and fitness counseling the practice offers, Isagenix products can help patients safely lose unwanted pounds.

Aside from offering trusted Oshawa weight loss programs, chiropractic care, and acupuncture, the practice also provides massage therapy, Med X laser therapy, orthotics, and concussion management. To learn more about their services, visit: www.OshawaChiropractor.com.

About Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation

Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation is a family-owned, multidisciplinary health service provider located in Oshawa. Going beyond simply treating aches and pains, the practice employs a holistic approach to addressing health problems. The clinic is staffed with highly trained massage therapists, chiropractors and nutritional counselors who have helped clients deal with muscoskeletal injuries, migraines, arthritis and even excess weight, just to name a few.

Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley

How Oshawa Physiotherapy can Help Save Canada’s Passion for Sports

To say that hockey is popular in Canada is an understatement as it is more than a sport; it’s a national passion. Unfortunately, that passion is in danger of being extinguished as a growing number of parents forbid their kids to join the minor leagues for fear of serious injury. According to The Globe and Mail, the upcoming 2014-2015 season is short by at least 5,600 hockey players. Head concussions are the most feared injuries not only because they lead to brain damage but also because they’re very difficult to detect:


Parents Struggle

Even with heightened awareness, it is still difficult to determine the exact incidence of concussion. Parents have to fill out an injury report for a player who is hurt during team activities, a copy is kept by the league, and if a player has a concussion, he can’t return to the ice until cleared by a doctor.

It’s a well-intended system, but not foolproof.

“Concussions are, as you can imagine, tough to track as many occur at the local levels and do not necessarily get reported to us,” says Jackson of Hockey Canada. “This makes it difficult to get a true picture of the number occurring.”

Unsurprisingly, as much as 36,000 hockey players in Ontario suffer concussions every year. That said, parents shouldn’t be completely afraid for their kids because most sports-related injuries are treatable with the help of physiotherapy. Yet with facilities like Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation providing quality Oshawa physiotherapy services, Canada’s passion for hockey doesn’t have to diminish.

In addition, Hockey Canada has already implemented more stringent rules to make the game much safer for players. Bodychecking, for instance, is now forbidden for players aged 13 and below, as well as A-level players.

Head concussions aren’t even the most common injury in the sport. The National Hockey League (NHL) once did a 30-week test to assess injuries sustained by their players. Turns out, leg and foot injuries accounted for about 30 percent of the injury payout made by the NHL at that time (about $68 million). Compared to head concussions, injuries to the limbs are much easier to treat, and any reliable provider of physiotherapy in Oshawa knows how to deal with them.

Physiotherapy can also address conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, stroke, and chronic lung diseases. The only thing that prevents physiotherapists from lending a hand is how forthcoming people are when it comes to these injuries and ailments.

In other words, everyone should play a role in rekindling Canada’s passion for sports. Sports injuries shouldn’t be a cause of fear; people should take them as a challenge that can be overcome with the help of physiotherapy.

(Source: Study: Prenatal fitness benefit’s baby’s health, The Marietta Daily Journal, May 12, 2014)

Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley

Relaxing Massage in Oshawa: Good for Soon-to-be Moms and Their Babies

It’s a well-known fact that exercise benefits both moms-to-be and their unborn children, but some women are still apprehensive about it all because of the purported “health risks”. To set the record straight once and for all, prenatal lifestyle expert Amy Griffith presents eight safe and healthy fitness tips for expecting mothers. In her article for The Marietta Daily Journal, Griffith recommends prenatal massage for the following reasons:


Prenatal Fitness

"Massage stretches and loosens muscles that become tight as baby grows and the as the woman’s body changes. Massage will also benefit the pregnant woman as it relieves tension. A pregnant woman’s low back pain, headaches, sciatica, and swelling can all be eased by a trained massage therapist. When her body feels better, she is able to continue to keep herself healthy with regular exercise."

While prenatal massage can be done at home, couples may want to seek a professional instead, like Lorrie Wray RMT from the renowned Oshawa massage and rehabilitation center, Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation. A pregnant woman shouldn’t lie flat on her back because the weight of her uterus can put a lot of pressure on the veins in her legs. A trained message therapist knows this better than anyone, and he or she can be expected to employ a special, hollowed-out massage table specifically designed for pregnant women.

Prenatal massage relieves muscle tension and reduces stress, two things that benefit pregnant women the most. Other benefits of prenatal massage include balanced moods, better sleep, and fewer headaches. While stress spares no one, a pregnant woman needs to be especially wary of stress hormones that can affect her baby’s development. A study in Quebec, which was recently published in the medical journal Psychiatry Research, suggested that a woman who experiences severe stress during her first trimester is likely to have a child born with autism-like traits.

Massage is by no means the only thing that can help moms-to-be improve their health and that of their babies. Cardiovascular exercise, a wholesome diet, and a general avoidance of stressful activities can all prove beneficial. In any case, expectant mothers would do well to consult their doctors before they get a prenatal massage in Oshawa.

(Source: Study: Prenatal fitness benefit’s baby’s health, The Marietta Daily Journal, May 12, 2014)

Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley

Oshawa Massage Therapy Isn’t Just for Adults Suffering from Arthritis

Arthritis is normally associated with aging. However, a Burlington Post article about 10-year-old Cynthia Houghton from Burlington, Ontario proves that the ailment can strike anyone. Her mother believes that Cynthia developed arthritis when she was a baby. In spite of her condition, the girl became an ambassador for The Arthritis Society in Canada in the hopes of spreading awareness of this rare, but debilitating ailment among parents and children alike:


Burlington Girl

"In Canada, it is estimated that as many as 24,000 children aged 18 and under live with a form of arthritis, or more than three out of every 1,000 kids."

Arthritis cannot be cured per se, which means that Cynthia, sadly, has to live with her condition for the rest of her life. Short of undergoing extensive surgery, she and others like her can only relieve or suppress their pain by taking corticosteroids, capsaicin, and other drugs. Alternatively, they can undergo massage therapy to alleviate the pain and help them cope with their condition. Massage therapy for children, however, requires utmost care because their young bodies are naturally more fragile. As such, parents should look for an Oshawa massage therapist who has experience working with children, like someone from Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation.

The prevalence of arthritis in Canada is much worse than what most people think. According to The Arthritis Society, more than 4.6 million Canadian adults have this ailment in some way or form. Someone, somewhere in the country is diagnosed with arthritis every 60 seconds.

Arthritis is also the first cause of disability for women and the third for men, and costs the Canadian economy about $33 billion every year. In addition, statistics from the Public Health Agency of Canada place Ontario as the province with the most number of arthritis sufferers. Unfortunately, this trend is likely to continue well into the future, as The Arthritis Society also believes that one in five Canadians will suffer from arthritis by 2036.

Luckily for Cynthia and other arthritis sufferers her age, getting a chiropractic massage in Oshawa can help a great deal in soothing the pain. Unlike other types of massage, chiropractic massage focuses on the spine and the nervous system, thereby preventing pain from worsening. Aside from arthritis, chiropractic massage can also help treat anxiety, relieve muscle tension, and reduce stress. Although a cure for arthritis has yet to be found, kids like Cynthia who suffer from this debilitating condition can take comfort in the fact that sensible remedies like massage therapy can help manage the symptoms.

(Source: Burlington girl champions arthritis awareness, fundraising effort, Burlington Post, June 06, 2014)

Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley

Acupuncture in Oshawa Will Help Alleviate Insomnia Among Canadians

Many people experience bodily pain in the course of their daily lives; fortunately, there are different ways for them to alleviate those pains. In Canada, acupuncture in Oshawa and other cities is becoming more popular by the minute. An April 6, 2014 article at the Healthcare Medicine Institute website explains why:

"Acupuncture successfully relieves insomnia caused by depression. Researchers document two effective and contrasting approaches to acupuncture for the treatment of insomnia caused by depression. The research finds acupuncture points Lieque (LU1), Zhaohai (KI6) and UB15 (Xinshu) more effective than the Si Guan (i.e., Four Gates, Four Bars) combination for the treatment of depression related insomnia. Si Guan consists of bilaterally needled acupuncture points LI4 (Hegu) and LV3 (Quchi).

Both sets of points were combined with DU20 (Baihui) and Yintang in protocolized acupuncture point prescriptions. Although each prescription was effective, the data documents the LU1, KI6, UB15 combination a superior compliment to DU20 and Yintang for optimal patient outcomes. The researchers acknowledge that another study of a larger sample size is necessary to confirm these results."

The article adds that the two sets of points do not have any adverse effects on the patient, and can effectively decrease insomnia levels. These findings only add to the already-impressive benefits of acupuncture treatment.

One of the most prominent benefits of acupuncture is its ability to treat pain, particularly back pain. The method has proven itself to be as effective as prescriptive drugs in battling lower back pain. Furthermore, acupuncture has also helped improve the efficacy of anti-depression medicine.

Acupuncture is also used to treat a variety of medical conditions, ranging from gastritis and constipation to menstrual and reproductive issues. These benefits put acupuncture offered by trusted practices like Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation in the spotlight even further.

However, patients who have a specific fear of needles can opt for Oshawa orthotics. These implements can help alleviate pain on the patient’s feet, knees, and back. Orthotics can also help realign the spinal column of the user, which will assist with back pain.

Acupuncture and orthotics are just two of many ways for trained professionals to give their patients a more comfortable life.

(Source: Update: Acupuncture Reduces Depression and Insomnia, Healthcare Medicine Institute, April 6, 2014)

Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley

Recover from MCL Sprains with the Help of Oshawa Physiotherapy Experts

It’s a tough time to be a Toronto Maple Leafs fan right now. The team is in the middle of a tight race for a playoff spot. Unfortunately, they’ll have to continue their quest for the Stanley Cup without their star goaltender. CBC Sports reports:

"The Toronto Maple Leafs will have to continue their playoff push without goaltender Jonathan Bernier.

Leafs coach Randy Carlyle said Friday that Bernier is out three weeks with a medial collateral ligament sprain in his left knee.

Bernier left in the third period of Toronto's 4-3 overtime win over Boston Thursday night after falling awkwardly on his left leg.

Bernier was making his fifth straight start since returning from a lower body injury that kept him out of five games."

The MCL, or medial collateral ligament, is one of the key structures of the knee. It— along with the ACL, PCL, and LCL— provides stability to the knee. Without the MCL, the knee is susceptible to bending at angles it was never meant to.

Most MCL injuries happen when the knee is forced to bend at odd angles, as was the case with Jonathan Bernier. Strong blows to the back or sides of the knee can also cause tiny rips to occur in the ligaments of the knees. Common signs of an injured MCL include pain in the knee, swelling, and a sensation that the knee will give way.

That’s why prompt treatment at an Oshawa physiotherapy clinic like Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation is important. A damaged MCL often causes the shin and thigh bones to grind against each other and wear out the meniscus. When the meniscus has been completely worn out, arthritis in the knee will not be far off. That said, you should have a doctor of chiropractic assess the injury as soon as possible.

Contrary to popular belief, not all MCL injuries require reconstructive surgery. It largely depends on how severe the sprain is. In cases where the MCL is not torn completely, people can opt to skip surgery and proceed straight to physiotherapy in Oshawa. Seeing as treatment is dependent on the severity of the sprain, it is important that you seek clinical treatment if you suspect a knee injury.

(Source: Jonathan Bernier out 3 weeks; CBC Sports; April 4, 2014)

Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley

A Trusted Oshawa Chiropractic Practice Can Help you with Vertigo Treatment

There may be times when will feel light-headed and dizzy even though your surroundings are perfectly normal. You may be experiencing vertigo, which Ron Rogers discusses in his article for LiveStrong:

"Vertigo is the term often used to describe any type of dizziness. "Dorland's Medical Dictionary" indicates that vertigo is a type of dizziness associated with an illusion of movement, often a spinning sensation, which may be from a disease of the inner ear or from disturbances in pathways in the nervous system. Chiropractic treatment is an option for the treatment of certain types of vertigo."

Canadians will be all too familiar with vertigo. Studies have shown that approximately 40% of all residents have some bout of dizziness and 42% can be diagnosed with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, which are disruptions in the inner ears that affect your sense of gravity. If you’ve felt that your life is sorely affected by any form of vertigo, you must seek treatment with Oshawa Chiropractic professionals like the team at Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation Health Clinics.

Vertigo problems may be a result of imbalanced linkages between the brain and the joints, which will require manipulation to fully correct. Such a problem is called cervicogenic vertigo and the manipulation will focus on the three vertebrae closest to the base of the skull. Rogers adds that debris buildup in the vestibulocochlear system can impair the flow of information regarding your body’s position and movement.

A full examination by your chiropractor will determine the degree of impairment and the exercises to correct them. Rogers mentions one series of drills, the Brandt-Daroff exercises, which involves lying upright from side to side to test the vestibulocochlear system. Other drills may require stretching to further flex the neck.

A therapeutic Chiropractic treatment in Oshawa like one available at CWR will not just focus on direct manipulation treatment to fix vertigo issues. Rogers states that your chiropractor may recommend lifestyle changes, especially if some elements were found to have triggered vertigo lapses. They may include taking caffeine or medication that affect nerve signal transmission; breathing exercises can also control the body’s response.

Having bouts of vertigo may damage your everyday activities, especially if you are always out and about. A reputable chiropractor will synch you back to proper form.

(Source: Chiropractic Treatments For Vertigo, LiveStrong)

Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley

Undergoing Runners Knee Treatment with an Oshawa Massage Specialist

Long hours of running can take a massive toll on your body, especially on the knees. In an article for ChiroNexus.com, writer Kelly Johnson explains:

"Knee pain can be the result of a wide variety of underlying causes. One such cause of knee pain that is often overlooked as even a possibility is entrapment of the saphenous nerve. The saphenous nerve is the largest sensory nerve in the human body, branching from the femoral nerve up the leg into the adductor canal in the hip. Nerve entrapment can happen when the nerve pierces membranes inside the leg or when the nerve is sheered at some point. Some activities are known for stretching or rubbing the nerve, and the repeated friction can result in nerve entrapment."

The above can rankle fresh and seasoned runners alike in Oshawa, ON. The city’s rigid road layout is enough to generate an impressive network of running trails, with some not progressing further north beyond Taunton Road and Wilson Road N. When you feel the pain in your limbs after logging several kilometres worth of trails, an Oshawa massage practitioner like the professionals at Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation will be ready to help you.

Fixing up a nerve entrapment for runners’ knees often requires invasive procedures like injections and surgery to ease the situation– and a doctor may recommend it at first. However, a reputable chiropractor can analyze the knee and figure out non-invasive solutions that might work. Johnson stated the case of an ultramarathon runner who was diagnosed with saphenous nerve entrapment after reporting sheer pain on the knees as well as hip problems, which required Active Release Technique (ART) sessions as part of a major treatment program.

ART involves concentrated massages of the affected sections to force the nerve’s release. Johnson said the marathon runner felt sheer pain after the first treatment, but it subsided with repeated sessions. For your own knee treatment, your chiropractic specialist may include additional treatment avenues such as acupuncture and a stringent exercise program designed to recondition the knees.

A badly affected knee may spell disaster for runners like you if not treated soon enough. That’s why you will need massage therapy in Oshawa to get yourself back on the circuit.

(Source: Marathon Runner’s Knee Healed by Chiropractor, ChiroNexus)

Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley

Oshawa Physiotherapy Helps Alleviate Osteoarthritis-induced Discomfort

Not all medical conditions arise from infection, wrong practices, and weak immune systems. Some may be inevitable due to fixed biological factors, such as abnormalities in hormone production.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is among the diseases that are known to arise from genetic factors, and an article in ScienceDaily.com discusses the influence of hormonal factors in the likelihood of a person developing this condition. The article says that hormonal variances work hand-in-hand with injuries from physical activities in inducing OA.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a major public health problem linked with significant disability in knees and hips. Hormonal factors are thought to play a role, which is thought to account for the well documented difference in prevalence of OA between men and women. Anthropological studies have suggested that there are consistent sex differences in the ratio of the lengths of the index and ring fingers (expressed as 2D:4D), with men showing a lower average 2D:4D than women.

"Although our study's results may in part be explained by joint injuries associated with high-level physical activity in those with a lower 2D:4D and the greater susceptibility of knee OA in response to injury than hip OA, they may also reflect hormonal influences on the growth of bone, cartilage, and soft tissue, which warrants further investigation."

While hormonal factors can pre-determine the occurrence of OA in a person, patients should not immediately jump to the conclusion that their condition was caused by one. In Oshawa, where sports activities bedeck the city center in summer, osteoarthritis is prevalent among individuals who have been or are currently engaged in sports activities. Patients should consult with medical professionals to determine the cause and treatment for their case. They can also explore the option of including Oshawa physiotherapy sessions as part of their treatment.


Getting physiotherapy in Oshawa is something sufferers of osteoarthritis can do to alleviate the disease’s symptoms. Physiotherapy and chiropractic care are safe procedure that involve the physical manipulation of muscles and bone structures to ease ongoing pain, or to provide long-term relief from various symptoms.

In physiotherapy and chiropractic programs, therapists can recommend exercises targeting affected joints and body parts. The health care provider may also prescribe appropriate braces to support the affected joints, or give advice on the proper posture for various activities. Trusted practitioners, such as those from Chiropractic Wellness & Rehabilitation, will also use their manual skills to reduce the amount of swelling and tightness on affected joints, thereby providing pain relief.

(Source: A lower ratio between index, ring fingers is associated with higher risk of developing severe osteoarthritis in the knee, says study, ScienceDaily.com)

Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley

An Oshawa Massage Can Provide Relief for Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

According to an article in Memphis.edu, the history of massage goes as far back as 2,700 BC when ancient Eastern Chinese cultures depended on this practice to heal a variety of ailments, from labor pains to paralysis. Even the iconic historical figure Julius Caesar was believed to have had daily massages to treat nerve pains. The practice has lived on, and many people to this day rely on massage for health benefits.

"To this day, massage is still used to treat various conditions such as premature birth, various types of cancer, AIDS, osteoarthritis, lumbar back pain, nerve damage, fibromyalgia, paralysis, heart attack, and stroke."

Residents of Oshawa are no exception to those who enjoy the benefits of massages today. One can choose from the many relaxing Oshawa massage styles, with each one helping to provide relief for various medical conditions. For example, techniques used in a Swedish massage, characterized by kneading movements and long gliding strokes, are especially helpful to those aiming for improved blood circulation and muscle strain relief. After a Swedish massage session, locals can easily get back to fun activities in Oshawa like ziplining through Treetop Eco-Adventure Park.

Apart from the known medical conditions that massages help treat, recent research has also revealed that massage therapy in Oshawa and elsewhere can relieve symptoms of multiple sclerosis or MS. MS is a noncontagious autoimmune disease where the body's immune system attacks its own tissues, primarily those in the central nervous system. In the United States, the number of people affected by MS is between 250,000 and 350,000.

People with MS typically experience pain when the disorder starts to affect their sensory nerves. The pain can occur in any part of a person's body, but the parts most commonly affected are the limbs. This can impair the person’s ability to perform normal activities, such as walking. Massage therapy can provide a wonderful stimulation, helping patients to relax and relieving them of anxiety.

Another symptom of MS is limited movement. MS patients are prone not only to muscle spasms, but, in some cases, also to loss of balance and coordination. Massage therapy can help relax muscles and increase flexibility and mobility.

While massages are now commonly used to relieve stress, rehabilitation centers like Chiropractic Wellness & Rehabilitation use massage in a way that remains true to its original purpose, which is to aid in the treatment of certain medical conditions. While massage therapy is already well-known for back pain relief, it also has promising effects in relieving symptoms of MS.

(Source: History of Massage, Memphis.edu)

Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley

The Union of Oshawa Physiotherapy Treatments and Chiropractic Remedies

An article on the Horse Channel website dated November 20, 2013 discusses the issue of crooked riding positions among equestrians, and how a group of researchers attempted to find a solution. The article suggests that a little physiotherapy could be the answer to correct the body form of equestrians:

Crooked RidersUsing a group of experienced riders, the researchers recorded their seated postural stability by measuring the symmetry (or lack thereof) of force distribution as they sat in a saddle. The riders were divided into two groups, and one of the group was treated with a physiotherapy intervention for the pelvic area. Physiotherapy may consist of specific exercises, soft tissue manipulation (such as massage), stretching or other treatments. All of the riders from both groups were then retested.

The group that received the physiotherapy intervention showed significant improvement in symmetry, suggesting that the treatment was effective. However, the study did not measure whether the effect was temporary or long-term. For riders who struggle with a crooked posture in the saddle, physiotherapy could be one method to help improve their seat, thereby improving communication with their horse.

Physiotherapists are concerned with restoring the physical capacity of their patients, in the same way chiropractors deal with musculoskeletal disorders. Many believe that both fields contrast each other, they actually agree on a lot of procedures and they can be used interchangeably to treat a patient. Hence, those undergoing Oshawa physiotherapy treatments should try pairing it with chiropractic therapy for enhanced results. Many patients have realized they can even use chiropractic as a supplement to physiotherapy as many chiropractors have practices that provide extensive physical rehabilitation programs.


For this reason It’s not a surprise to find chiropractic overlapping physiotherapy, and vice-versa. There are even occasions when a physiotherapist would recommend a chiropractor to a patient for additional treatment. Many athletes have relied on both practices to recover from debilitating injuries. For those suffering from back pains, the two practices offer effective treatments that can often be used interchangeably.

Patients receiving only physiotherapy in Oshawa might want to look into chiropractic and see what the practice can offer them. Licensed chiropractic centers such as the Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation, also called CWR Health Clinics, have treatments that are based on sound medical procedures, and can be used in conjunction with existing physiotherapy sessions. In many cases patients respond and recover faster to chiropractic techniques and chiropractic rehabilitation strategies. Whether it’s a game-breaking injury or poor posture, there’s simply no reason to rely on only one form of treatment when both can be used to speed up recovery. For this reason, Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary practice that features many health professionals that provide a full service health clinic for residents of Durham Region looking for physiotherapy in Oshawa.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Is There Help for Crooked Riders?, Horse Channel, November 20, 2013)


Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley

CWR Advises Using Extended Health Coverage for Oshawa Massage Therapy

Oshawa, Ontario (January 3, 2014) – Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation (CWR) Health Clinics is advising the public to use their extended health coverage for Oshawa massage therapy, chiropractic treatments, and custom orthotics. The practice urges their patients to maximize their benefits as they are there to improve their quality of life and overall health and wellness.

Many people suffer from different kinds of chronic body aches and pains caused by several factors. Some of them include past injuries, stress, and muscle strains that affect the spine, joints, pelvis, along with all the supporting muscles and tissues. To address these concerns, the practice utilizes massage therapy and chiropractic care through non-invasive and natural solutions.


Through massage therapy, patients experience pain relief while maintaining, rehabilitating, and augmenting their body's physical functions. Each session is conducted by licensed and registered therapists who are adept at manipulating joints and soft tissues in the affected areas to alleviate pain. Moreover, massage therapy also promotes blood circulation, which expedites the healing of injuries and boosts the body's immune system.

Patients who opt for chiropractic treatment will be administered spinal manipulative therapies and adjustments to relieve pain, eliminate muscle tightness, and restore body function and mobility. It also helps patients who are suffering from recurring pain in the neck, head, and back. In CWR Health Clinics, chiropractic care is administered by qualified doctors who underwent specialized clinical training that enables them to aid traditional medical treatments and address various issues affecting the musculoskeletal system.

Employing a multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness, the practice uses some of the latest and most effective solutions in chiropractic rehabilitation and massage therapy to help patients deal with pain and discomfort that affect their quality of life. They specialize in treatments such as MedX Laser Therapy, which expedites healing in the body. It is a natural, non-invasive, and drug-free procedure that uses low-level lasers that stimulate tissue repair. They also offer custom orthotics using GaitScan™, a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that enables them to assess foot mechanics, which affect the shape and function of the body.

CWR Health Clinics offers holistic nutritional counselling to guide people on the right kinds of food that will boost their health and overall wellness. For more information on their services, visit www.OshawaChiropractor.com.

About Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation

Led by a team of experienced chiropractors and massage therapists, CWR Health Clinics provides natural, non-invasive alternatives to help alleviate pain. They are also one of the most trusted destinations for quality therapeutic massage in Oshawa, Whitby, Courtice, Brooklin, Port Perry, Ajax, Pickering, and Bowmanville.


Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley

The Benefits of Effective Oshawa Physiotherapy and Chiropractic for Pregnant Women

According to an article from The Daily Star, pregnancy can be one of the most exciting and trying times of a woman’s life:

Physiotherapy HelpPregnancy is one of the most wonderful events in a couple’s life. Conceiving a child brings utmost joy in the life of women making her [feel] complete

Pregnancy can have a great impact on women’s ability to function [and do] everyday work. Many physical and hormonal changes are responsible for making women feel at times quite uncomfortable during the pregnancy process.

However, women do not have to accept that these feelings of discomfort are unmanageable. Physiotherapy can improve [women's] health during pregnancy by reducing discomfort, preparing the body for delivery and [accelerating] the recovery process after the birth of the baby.

Although aches and pains in the shoulders, legs, and back are common during pregnancy, many Oshawa physiotherapy experts and chiropractic experts state that pregnant women can use physiotherapy and chiropractic techniques to their advantage. With this in mind, here are a few ways that physiotherapy and chiropractic can help ease the “hardships” of pregnancy:

Improved Mobility

Physiotherapy and chiropractic techniques were designed to help people with health-related conditions and injuries regain their strength and mobility. Proper physiotherapy and chiropractic care can reduce many of the discomforts associated with pregnancy, such as back aches and pelvic girdle pains, and help women perform everyday tasks with minimum discomfort. This is a great benefit for women who have young children to take care of during their pregnancy while they run their households and work.

Improved Blood Flow

During gestation, many women may fail to get the exercise their bodies need. This can lead to poor blood circulation. Through chiropractic care and physiotherapy, pregnant women are able to get pain relief, improve functional ability, and overall feel healthy enough to get the daily recommended amount of exercise. This exercise leads to improved blood circulation and improved energy levels. Not only does this benefit the pregnant woman, it also makes the exchange of oxygen and nutrients between the woman and her baby more efficient.

These are only some of the benefits of chiropractic care and effective physiotherapy in Oshawa, Ontario. By consulting chiropractors, physiotherapist, and registered massage therapists from clinics like Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation, patients can learn valuable at-home stretches and exercises.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Physiotherapy can help pregnant women; The Daily Star)

Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley

How Expert Massage Therapy in Oshawa Can Assist with Fracture Healing

According to a report from The National Post, Steven Stamkos is in danger of missing the 2014 Winter Olympics due to an injury sustained during the NHL season:

Sochi 2014When Steven Stamkos crashed into the post in Boston on Monday afternoon, the shock waves could be felt all the way to Sochi, Russia.

The Tampa Bay Lightning star is out indefinitely with a broken right tibia, an injury that could be a significant blow to Team Canada in its efforts to defend gold at the Olympics. Stamkos was tied with Alex Steen as the NHL’s leading goal scorer, and with Sidney Crosby for the points lead at the time of his injury and figured to be a lock to make the team.

The broken tibia will require surgery to repair. The Lightning did not release a time frame, likely in part because the complexity of the fracture could affect things.

Recovering from a fracture extends beyond allowing the bone to reform. It also requires physical therapy (available at Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation) to allow the affected area to regain the strength it had before the injury; this is especially important when the fracture occurs in the limbs. With a long road to recovery ahead, people recovering from a fracture can benefit from the many services that Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation offers. An example would be therapeutic rehabilitation from an experienced Oshawa massage therapist.


Massage therapy offers several benefits that can facilitate the recovery process. By stimulating soft tissues, an experienced massage therapist can improve a patient’s blood circulation. In addition, massage therapy helps increase the production of fibroblasts, which are cells responsible for healing the body.

Health service clinics that offer massage therapy in Oshawa, Ontario—such as Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation—can be invaluable during physiotherapy and chiropractic rehabilitation programs. Many patients experience pain and fatigue as they try to strengthen the affected body part. Light massages are an effective way to relax tired muscles, relieving pain without causing bone movement.

At first, it may seem counterproductive to have the affected area massaged. However, licensed massage therapists have been extensively trained in the art of manipulating the soft tissues of the body. This training allows them to adjust their techniques to accommodate the affected area and avoid a relapse of the injury.

Whether you are a professional athlete or not, fractures are tricky injuries to recover from. Fortunately, Oshawa massage therapy professionals can safely aid in fracture healing.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Sochi 2014: Steven Stamkos injury a major blow for Canada’s Olympic hockey team; The National Post)

Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley